Organizing Your Stored Big Data


Organizing Your Stored Big Data

Ever since the advent of cloud computing, old ways of storing data—particularly in enormous quantities—have shown their age. It’s time for the new age of digital media for data storage. Cloud computing and cloud data stores have facilitated big data, making it less worrisome to accumulate it by making it easy to store. However, storing big data and organizing it are two entirely different tasks that can be daunting for people to undertake, particularly because many organizations collect new data every second.

Tools for Big Data Organization

Thankfully, organizing big data isn’t as difficult as it was a decade ago, with many types of software helping to take those massive amounts of information and compartmentalize them according to your needs. I’ve personally found many tools to be useful in managing my big data, keeping me from feeling like my mind is going to explode. Some of the most effective tools for big data processing include Hadoop, MATLAB, NoSQL and MapReduce, all of which I’ve tried and can recommend. These platforms, databases and other utilities help consolidate, combine and transform massive quantities of data, producing results that people want to see and eliminating hassle. You can find this software online at many business software vendors at reasonable costs, or try them for free first. Many of these vendors sell industry-specific data management applications, such as a claims management software for attorneys.

What is the Future of Big Data Cloud Computing?

In addition to the helpful software available for big data management, cloud computing is also continuing to develop. As of 2014, the cloud looks like it will continue to expand and take over international markets. Recent studies predict that over 50 percent of global information technology will be cloud-based within five to ten years, making it more relevant than ever. I think that future is looking pretty bright.

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  1. This was actually really helpful. Been looking everywhere for some good big data management systems to help organize the mess that amasses from my business. I literally pulled a small clump of hair from my scalp one time because I was so frustrated with the strenuous task of trying to organize things. And I agree, the future is looking pretty damn bright. Cloud all the way!!

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