How to Properly Ship Bulk Electronics


Electronics products are often much more fragile than other types of shipments. There are many different types of components that need to remain intact throughout shipping, and the shipping needs to be fast enough to satisfy customers who expect to receive it at a specific date.

The best way to maintain the integrity of the products and packaging while remaining efficient is to take certain steps when shipping your products.

Make Sure Products are Packaged Sufficiently for Short or Long Distances

Products that have to travel great distances, either nationally or internationally, need to be packaged in a way that ensures they won’t experience any damage, superficial or otherwise. You should make sure that your products are evenly spaced in bulk shipments, preventing them from hitting each other along with the packaging.

Make sure there is plenty of cushioning for products, with Styrofoam matting, packing peanuts or other industry-standard packaging materials. To prevent scratches and other damage, certain products should be wrapped with additional thin padding. This is particularly crucial for electronics with delicate sensors.

Packaging materials should be intended for intermodal shipping, whether via truck, cargo ship or train. They should hold up to most types of exterior damage, including harsh weather in the event of an accident that results in exposure to the outdoors.

Choose a Trustworthy Long Term Shipping Company

Product packaging is only one part that electronics companies or sellers need to worry about with bulk shipments. The other main significant aspect of a successful shipment is a reliable long term shipping company, coupled with solid logistics.

If you go with a shipping company that can’t provide straight pricing, doesn’t have much of a reputation, and isn’t endorsed by a partner such as a long term logistics company, you may find that your shipment suffers.

In order to make sure your customers get the packages they were promised within the predicted time without any damage, you should choose a shipping company that knows how to handle bulk products, including electronics. However, many people who aren’t in the industry don’t know how to find the right shipping company in the area.

Logistics companies can help you find the best shipping company in the areas where your products will ship, using a simple form that provides an accurate instant online freight shipping quote. If a shipping company doesn’t appear available through a reputable logistics company, it’s probably not worth it to use them.

With these steps in mind, you can easily avoid shipping poorly treated products to customers throughout the globe.

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