3 Reasons Why the USB Flash Drive is Still Relevant Today

Our society loves the latest and greatest technology. However, not all new inventions are better than their predecessor.

When it comes to sharing files or sensitive data, USB flash drives are still very relevant today. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider keeping your USB flash drive.

Flash drives don’t require an internet connection in order to share files

One of the most obvious roadblocks to sharing files or photos is that you might not have access to WIFI. Perhaps you are traveling or are meeting somewhere without WIFI, but you want to share files quickly and easily.

custom flash usb drive

Even in a world that is constantly connected, sometimes you still need a USB flash drive to share files when you aren’t in a WIFI zone.

It’s easy to share files if you have different operating systems

Most of us have experienced the challenge of transferring files from a Mac to a PC or even from a Mac to a Mac. While we have brand new technology like the Airport or Dropbox, some files are still simply too large to share without using a USB flash stick.

Instead of spending time figuring out which software or online service is large enough, cheap enough, or easy enough to hold all of your files, consider using a USB flash drive instead.

USB flash drives are secure

In a world where cyber security is becoming an increasingly more important topic, USB flash drives remain the most secure way to share data. Instead of storing data on a cloud that can be hacked, flash drives stay out of a hacker’s reach.

They can also be password protected or encrypted if you have sensitive or personally identifiable information on the flash drive.

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