Best Features for Surveillance Camera Systems

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When looking for a good security camera surveillance system to protect your residence or business, it can be a bit of a challenge to determine which features are most important to search for before making a final decision on a product. Here are four of the top features to consider when implementing a surveillance camera system.

Motion Detection

On first thought it might seem like a good idea to record surveillance footage 24/7 to avoid missing anything, but that kind of footage can take up a ton of hard drive space and decrease the overall amount of crucial footage on your system. To eliminate this problem, many camera systems include motion detection recording in their operation to record only when a person, vehicle or animal is detected in the camera’s view.

Night Vision

As you may know, most break-ins, robberies, vandalisms and other criminal activities occur once the sun has gone down. Security cameras should be able to see clearly at all times throughout the day, which is why a majority of systems use night vision technology. Even in complete darkness, cameras using night vision will be able to see every detail they normally can capture during the day, apart from color.

H.264 Video Compression

One of the latest developments in video capturing software is the H.264 video compression codec that reduces the need for large amounts of storage as well as overall bandwidth. This makes video playback and recording faster and more efficient. Unlike MPEG-4, a slightly outdated compression codec, H.264 takes up less space and bandwidth without degrading the quality of the video in the slightest.

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Remote Smartphone & Tablet Access

Many camera surveillance systems will include remote access in their functionality. People monitoring their systems are able to use their smartphones and tablets to get alerts and view their camera systems on the go. It’s a great feature to have if you find yourself away from the premises more often than not. You can do this easily in most cases by installing a free app that’s included with the system.

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